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Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I am a videographer in Bloomington, Indiana. I am passionate about telling the stories of people and organizations through film. My goal is to inspire people with cinematic video that stirs emotion and promotes critical thinking.


I am a recent valedictorian graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Media Communications. Obtaining my degree from Full Sail has taught me how to quickly adapt in the evolving field of digital media production and communications. 


Starting my own business has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion in videography for the past 4 years. My current clientele has been in the wedding industry. However, within the past two years, I have expanded my scope to include more commercialized projects for local companies and nonprofits.  I aspire to produce documentaries and films that educate and invoke sustainable change.  The best part about each project are the people I get to meet, friendships I get to build, and the lessons I learn from each experience.


Let's get connected! I would love to tell your story through film.

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