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This ad for online distribution highlights a new initiative rolling out in Monroe County, IN where qualified educators can sign up to help early education programs as substitute teachers. 


Corporate Commercial Filmmaking

We specialize in documentary-style commercial filmmaking for online or broadcast distribution. Our aim is to tell your story with a captivating visual story & expert sound design. Below are some industries we have worked with.

  • Healthcare

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Political Campaigns

  • Manufacturing & Construction

  • Conferences

  • Local Businesses

United Way

We put together this 5 minute documentary style press piece for United Way in Monroe County to showcase what they were able to accomplish during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We'll consult with you to know your needs and how it should be accomplished.

We will then create a call-sheet for production day and acquire all the necessary equipment and team members.

You'll pay up to half of the invoice to begin.


Gabriel Wheeler LLC will show up early to get set-up and prepare cast for the shoot.

We will communicate with the project manager to ensure that the vision we're capturing is in line with what's expected.



Gabriel Wheeler LLC will back-up all footage to ensure security of footage throughout the editing process. 

We will edit and deliver the first version of the project for revision by you. 

We make any necessary changes to fit your vision, and deliver digitally through Google Drive or your preferred method.


Shop Local Campaign

We put together this shop local campaign to support local businesses in Bloomington, IN during small business week.

Formatted for Broadcast or Online.

Content delivery is fast-evolving. It forces production companies to innovate and think outside the box. Whether it be for the big screen or a pocket sized one, we will deliver in a quality that works for you.


Early Education

Watch this project we put together that highlights some of the key features of the RBB Schools Early Education Program.