Telling your story.

Whether it be a testimonial or a product demo... you've got one shot to make a lasting impact on them. Let's create a compelling story that's tailored to you.

Elevating your brand.

I have experience in helping brand multiple businesses over the past 3 years, including my own. Building engaging client experiences takes a certain level of creativity. Allow me to help make your vision a reality. 





I recently launched a new brand for a local home bakery in Bloomington, IN. For this project, I built a new e-commerce website, took professional images of their products, made stickers and business cards, and set up their social media accounts with consistent content.


For this project I was tasked with creating marketing materials for 5 different early education sites in Bloomington, IN. I created 5 separate tour videos for parents who wanted to see the site and maintain safe social distancing, photography for each site, and website builds.



of Miracles

I created a video promo for the early 2020 fundraising gala for the League of Miracles Non-Profit. The purpose of this video was to inspire people to volunteer either on the field or monetarily.